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Chet Zawalich Attorney

Wrongful Death Lawyer in South Bend

wrongful death


Setting a price on human life isn’t a pleasant task, but it’s one that courts and juries are required to do.
In a wrongful death action, the value of the victim’s life to surviving family members is measured by the victim’s earning potential, in combination with a number of other factors.
Unfortunately if you are trying to fight without the properly trained and experienced legal professional, the chances of you getting what you deserve are slim.


That's why so many people that have lost a loved one due to the fault or cause of someone else, turn to Chet Zawalich.
He's experienced. he understands the system and he's a fighter!
When a loved one is suddenly taken from you, due to another person’s negligence or wrong-doing, Chet Zawalich can help. Call him today: